Yearbook Page Idea-School Days Photo Collage

Yearbook Page Idea: School Days Photo Collage

  When you’re planning your yearbook pages and thinking about student profile pages, teacher pages, trips, ‘Guess Who?’, dream job, etc. it’s easy to overlook a simple photo collage page documenting student life in the school building. A School Days yearbook page is a great way to remember those many hours spent in the school


Yearbook Page Idea-Time Capsule

Yearbook Page Idea: Time Capsule

  According to Wikipedia: A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians. Have you made a physical time capsule at school and buried it somewhere? Think of a time capsule yearbook page like Twitter Moments, pulling


Top 5 Headteacher and School Principle Yearbook Message Ideas

Top 5 Headteacher and School Principal Yearbook Message Ideas

  This year has passed at whirlwind speed and you’re already being asked to write an introduction for the leavers’ yearbook! Just for you, we’ve gathered our top 5 Headteacher and School Principal yearbook message ideas to help you along. 1. A welcoming introduction Any book worth its salt starts with some sort of introduction,


Quick Guide to Yearbook Structure and Page Order

Quick Guide to Yearbook Structure and Page Order

  You’ve been so busy getting your yearbook project signed off that you’ve kinda forgotten about the yearbook pages themselves. The next step is to get planning your page structure and we’re here to help you with that very task right here, right now! What do you want to include? Start by going through what


Yearbook Page Idea-Through the years

Yearbook Page Idea: Our Form Through the Years

  Have you ever counted the number of hours you’ve spent with your form group? You’ve shared the majority of your teenage years with these people, whether you stay in touch, or not, they will always be a part of your life. To remember just how much you’ve grown together here are a few yearbook


student bloopers yearbook idea

5 Yearbook Page Ideas Other Schools Will Wish They Thought Of

  Every leavers’ yearbook is truly unique to each school, and the more thought you put into your pages the more memorable it’ll be! Here are 5 page ideas plucked from the arms of the yearbook makers themselves. 1. Staff Shout-Out You’ve got your headteacher, head of year and tutors’ comments nailed. What about the


Yearbook Page Idea Pets Corner

Yearbook Page Idea: Pets Corner

  I remember the days of looking after the school pet… checking every few minutes that the much adored fluff ball was still breathing, suitably fed and watered. Thankfully all went well on my (well, my Mum’s) watch. How about giving those four-legged pals a bit of appreciation in your leavers’ yearbook? If you don’t


Yearbook Theme Idea: Love to Travel

If your leavers' year group dreams of travelling the world this is by far the best yearbook theme idea for you! I love to travel, I'm a self-confessed roadtrip junkie, so this theme is definitely a favourite of mine and gets me very excitied every time I see schools using it.

Here are a few ideas for your own travel theme, what an amazing journey you have the opportunity to document here!Yearbook-Theme-Idea-Love-to-Travel.jpg


Yearbook Page Idea: New Year Resolutions

Welcome back and happy new year to you, lovely reader!

Love them, or hate them resolutions happen without us even realising. The breaking of a new year helps us take a fresh look and start a clean slate whatever has gone before. Who hasn't seen that meme in their newsfeed about the "first blank page of a 365 page book"? 

Around 90% (just a guess) of us keep our new year resolutions in our head, which is fairly non-commital, so let's try this – make a yearbook page of resolutions!


Yearbook Page Ideas: Photo booth fun time!

Photo booths are a bundle of fun for students of any age and can be as simple, or high-tech as you wish. Photo booth photos are versatile enough to suit a number of yearbook pages – student (and teacher) profile pages, photo collage/montage pages, friendship groups and prom photo pages.