Yearbook Ideas: Teacher Pages

Teacher Pages

Teacher pages might not be an obvious choice to include in your yearbook. I mean your yearbooks are about you, right? You’re the one’s leaving, it’s not like your teachers are going anywhere. But actually, they are really quite popular, and we don’t think a yearbook would be the same without them. Which is why, actually these are on of our favourite yearbook ideas.

Like it or not, your teachers have been a really significant part of your lives for the last few years. Whilst you may have only been with some of them for one subject in year seven, there are probably a few who have seen you thought most of your time at school. So it’s only right that they get at least a small section of your yearbook dedicate to them.

Here are some of our ideas for making sure your teachers don’t feel left out:

Memoirs of a Teacher

Your teachers have been there through it all. The nerves of starting in year seven, the nerves of exams, the nerves of leaving school. Basically they have seen you all nervous, a lot. But between all those nerves we are willing to bet that there were some pretty great times. And there is a good chance that your teachers were there to witness them. One of the most popular approaches to teacher pages is to let them share one or two of those memories. This can result in a really funny, but also touching, yearbook section.

Good Luck and Goodbye

This is also a very popular choice. Remember that whilst it might feel like your teachers have been in your lives for ages, you have been a significant part of their lives for just as long. And sure, come September they will have replaced you with a whole new year group, but you will have replaced them with the first day of the rest of your lives. We are pretty confident that your teachers will want to wish you all the best of luck for the future. So giving them the opportunity to do so in your yearbook can make for some tear-jerking but altogether awesome pages.

What’s the worst that could happen?

No this doesn’t involve your teachers making harsh (but fair?) predictions about what the future might hold for you. (Although that might be a pretty good idea in itself.) A ‘What’s the worst that could happen page’ is one in which you allow your teachers to be brutally honest about what they thought of you as a year group. This is probably something they have wanted to do for a while now, and with your permission, we’re sure they would relish the opportunity.

Remember, even though you’re leaving, teachers are professionals, so they’re not going to write anything offensive or abusive. So why not give it a go, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Teachers are people too

Despite what many people seem to believe, recent research has proven that teachers are in fact human after all. They actually go home at night, and have families, and friends, and lives. Well, they have families and friends.

Why not ask teachers to prove that they are human (not the robots we all suspect they are) by sending in baby photos of themselves to be features in the yearbook. We think this is quite a fun, and different way of making sure your teachers get the space they deserve in the yearbook, but you always run the risk of discovering that some of them were actually quite cute babies.

A photo is quite enough, thank you

Including a picture of some of your teachers in the yearbook is pretty much the bare minimum you could do. But, what’s wrong with that? If you are being kind enough to let them feature in your yearbook, who says you have to actually let them write a comment in it too? There are ways around this conundrum, and we have a couple that we think are pretty great.

  1. Did they actually say that? Instead of letting your teachers provide the quote, why not provide it for them? I mean maybe Mrs Cartwright didn’t actually say “Because you know I’m all about that bass, ‘bout that bass, no treble.” but why let something as irrelevant as ‘the truth’ get in the way of a great yearbook page?
  2. This is our turn to talk. Your yearbook is your turn to express yourselves. So why not write something about your teachers next to the picture of them? Maybe a funny memory, or that sentence they have repeated so often it has become their catchphrase. It’s worth remembering that yearbooks are a symbol of all those happy memories and great times you shared at school so “I hated Mr Biggs so much” probably wouldn’t be acceptable. Probably.

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