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Work with your team to create the ultimate yearbook for your school or club. It’s the perfect way to beautifully capture school memories.

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Creating a yearbook has never been easier

Creating the ultimate yearbook for your school or club has never been easier. SPC Yearbooks helps you capture memories in a stylish and simple way.

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Fully Customisable

Our Yearbooks are fully customisable from cover to cover and with the help of our specialist yearbook software you can design the look and feel of every aspect of your yearbook

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Easy Collaboration

Add and manage your team, allocate sections of your yearbook to your members, check on progress, and manage the approval process all using our hub software.

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Unlimited support

Our Yearbook Specialists are always happy to help you at any stage. Phone us anytime, or use the live chat function on our Yearbook Hub software.

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No upfront cost

Nothing to pay until your yearbooks are approved and ready to print. We want to make sure you’re happy first!

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Sturdy and durable

Your yearbooks should last a lifetime. So we use great quality paper and bind to the highest standard in our own production centre. We print at 1200 dpi, so your photos will look vibrant and amazing.

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Free delivery

No hidden costs! Delivery is completely free to a single UK address.

Yearbook types

Softback or hardback? Leather or coil? Choose from our many biding options, you can even mix and match your choice.

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Wide Variety

Softback Bindings

Perfect bound – softback binding with pages glued to the spine, like a paperback book. Matt or gloss lamination. Suitable for 20 pages or more.

Wire/coil bound – softback binding, with a durable plastic or metal coil. Suitable for any page count.

Staple bound – softback binding that opens flat. Matt or gloss lamination. Suitable for 16 pages or more (page count must be in multiples of 4).

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Most Popular

Hardback Binding

Full colour hardback – high-quality hard cover, printed in full colour and matt or gloss laminated. Suitable for 30 pages or more.

This is our most popular option and looks truly amazing!

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Recycled Leather

Premium look and finish – premium finished recycled leather cover with foil blocking. Cost includes foil blocking on front cover in one colour. Suitable for 30 pages or more.

What is foil blocking? Foil blocking is a process where metallic foil is ‘stamped’ onto the front cover of the book. Foil design can be up to 120mm x 180mm. Foil can be gold, silver, red, green, blue or magenta.

SPC Yearbooks what is a yearbook

Why create a yearbook?

A yearbook is a perfect way to capture school memories and friendships. In this age of digital content, a physical book can be a treasured keepsake.

It distils your years at school in a single place, and keeps it at your fingertips for years to come, including personal messages from classmates and teachers. And most importantly, it will let your children laugh at your crazy fashion choices! Read our blog on why you should create a yearbook.

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How do I easily collect yearbook payments?

Thinking of ordering yearbooks or hoodies for school leavers? Make the process simple and easy with your own totally free, completely secure, online store! You won’t have to worry about collecting payments or order details from parents or pupils. Just send out a private link and spend your time getting your yearbooks or hoodies looking just right.

How does our yearbook pricing work?

Our school yearbooks get cheaper the more you order. Our base price includes 30 pages (15 sheets). Just add 10p per page if you want to add more.

*Please check the back cover of your homework diaries/planners for 'The School Planner Company' logo

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What do I need to make a yearbook?

What you include in your yearbook is up to you, but here’s a list of the basic content you’ll probably want to feature:

  • Photos of all students, clearly labelled with students’ names and grouped by form
  • Comments or quotes from all students
  • Goodbye messages from headteacher/faculty/tutors
  • Lots of photos of day-to-day life around the school and of events like sports days, school trips and productions

Yearbook FAQs

Find the answers to common yearbook questions.

If you have any other questions, our team is here to help and support you?

Contact The Team

Your Yearbook Specialist will help you plan a realistic timeline to allow you plenty of time to collect content, design your yearbook, proofread and review, and send your yearbooks to print. You will need to allow 2 to 4 weeks for production, so it’s best to start the process at least 6 to 8 weeks before you want your yearbooks delivered.

We don’t require a deposit, so there’s nothing to pay until your yearbooks are approved for print. When you’re happy with your yearbooks and are ready to send them to print, you will be asked to complete an approval form and submit payment.

We use sturdy 130 gsm paper for our yearbook pages, with a satin finish. Papers are from sustainable sources and waste is recycled. We continue to use only Forest Stewardship Council accredited paper in your yearbooks.

Take a look at our yearbook ideas blog to get inspiration for page ideas, designs and theme ideas.

Request your free sample pack

Our free sample pack includes a detailed full-colour brochure and a sample yearbook showing useful content ideas and examples.

What our customers say

We love to hear feedback from our customers, Hear what our customers think about us and our yearbooks.

Julie Fielder

St. Margaret’s CE Primary School

“The yearbooks have arrived and they look fantastic. Thank you for organising their speedy delivery and having them sent through before the deadline. It is very much appreciated. It’s been a pleasure working with you again and I look forward to next year.”

Yearbook testimonial stars

Nelu McEvaddy

Patcham High School

“The year 11 team would like to extend their massive thanks to you and your colleagues for getting the yearbooks to us on time (in fact two days earlier than expected!!!). I am so grateful for your patience and advice, and most importantly the students were really happy to receive their books yesterday!”

Yearbook testimonial stars

Suzie Wealleans

Kirkby Stephen Grammar School and Sports College

“Just a quick email to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you and your team for your work on the KSGS leavers’ yearbooks. The students were very pleased with the final result and the quality of the product.”

Yearbook testimonial stars

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