Caring for the environment

Wherever possible, papers are from sustainable sources and waste is recycled.

SPC Yearbooks and The School Planner Company are mitigating carbon emissions from the paper production process. We also fund tree planting with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. The Woodland Trust aims to improve the landscape of Britain by planting more native trees and protecting ancient woodland.

Our print division is committed to lowering carbon output through investment in clean-running and low-power consumption presses, in conjunction with carbon offsetting where appropriate.

SPC Yearbooks recognises that, in pursuing its commercial objectives, it shares with all organisations a responsibility to protect and nurture the environment. By exercising proper control over its activities, SPC Yearbooks will promote the use of sustainable resources and discourage practices that are wasteful or damaging to the environment.

Reduce any negative impacts on the environment.

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Conserve and support use of sustainable resources.

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Follow the “waste hierarchy”.

Establish and follow environmental good practice.

Comply with all relevant environmental regulations and legislation.

Develop organisational awareness of the need to care for the environment and measures that can be taken.

Our day at Heartwood Forest

On the 27th November 2017 we visited Heartwood Forest on one of the Woodland Trust’s tree planting days. Wellies and winter clothes at the ready, we met with some staff and students from Berkhamsted Prep School, Ralph Sadleir School, and Saint Mark’s West Essex Catholic School, and were ready to get started.

We set out with a goal, to help plant 3000 deciduous trees in the area, continuing the Woodland Trust’s mission of returning native woodland to the UK’s landscape.

It was truly incredible to see just how many people had given their time to support the effort and to help us to reach the target of 3000 trees planted in just one day. Particularly inspiring was the work ethic of the school students who accompanied us on the day.

We strongly believe that it is very important that we make an effort to conserve and replenish woodland in the UK and would like to sincerely thank the Woodland Trust and Woodland Carbon for allowing us to be involved in this fantastic day.

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