Yearbook Ideas Questions for Students

Yearbook Ideas: Questions for Students

  It’s definitely challenging when put on the spot to think of a series of yearbook questions to ask your students. Striking a balance between informative, interesting and answerable isn’t always easy. Try to pick yearbook questions with the widest appeal to your students and mix it up between quick-fire questions and open-ended questions to


Fundraising for your Leavers Yearbook

Fundraising for your Leavers’ Yearbook

  If you’re coming up a bit short on funds for your yearbooks, arrange a fundraiser to top up the budget. PTA fundraisers are perfect for primary schools, and getting the local community involved raises awareness of the school too. Here are our top fundraising ideas; some involve more effort and planning than others… Yearbook


Yearbook Quote Ideas-Advice To Your Future Self

Yearbook Quote Ideas: Advice To Your Future Self

  I went to a very inspiring talk yesterday by Leon Logothetis, star of the Netflix series The Kindness Diaries. He radically changed the path of his life on a mission of kindness. During his personal account of the chain of events leading up to his decision to leave his desk job, I started thinking


Yearbook Page Idea-Happy Halloween

Yearbook Page Idea: Happy Halloween

  If like us you hold yearly Halloween fun events at your school make a dedicated page in your leavers’ yearbook. Show off your best costumes, capture your friends taking part in festive activities, or remember that deadly disco dancing by your head teacher forever! How to make a Halloween yearbook page Gather all photos


Yearbook Marketing Ideas-The Teaser Campaign

Yearbook Marketing Ideas: The Teaser Campaign

  As the saying goes; curiosity killed the cat. Appeal to your year groups’ curious side by releasing a series of yearbook teasers ahead of the big reveal. You’ll probably be familiar with this type of campaign leading up to releases of new smartphones, cars and blockbuster films. Swear all yearbook committee and staff members


Yearbook Quote Ideas-Say it in style

Yearbook Quote Ideas: Say it in style

  Since launching our website’s online chat we’ve had many requests for help with yearbook quotes. Keep in mind you want to say something you’re happy to put your name to. Once it’s printed in the yearbook there’s no escape, that quote will be seen by friends and their families for years to come! If


Yearbook Design Idea Headlines sub-headlines

Yearbook Design Idea: Headlines, sub-headlines and paragraphs

  If you’ve ever dabbled with HTML you’ll likely be familiar with H1 (heading), H2 (sub-heading) and paragraph, which structure the hierarchy of copy on every website you visit. If you’re not familiar with HTML code don’t worry, it’s definitely not a pre-requisite to styling your yearbook text, but it is a good way to


Yearbook Cover Ideas - School of Selfies

Yearbook Cover Ideas – School of Selfies

  Breaking news… The craze that swept the entire planet makes great yearbook cover content! Selfies are ideal for yearbooks as I’d bet that everyone has at least ten ready to go – saving you precious time taking the photos yourself. By the way, selfies should definitely feature in a time capsule page, will we still


Yearbook Page Idea-School Days Photo Collage

Yearbook Page Idea: School Days Photo Collage

  When you’re planning your yearbook pages and thinking about student profile pages, teacher pages, trips, ‘Guess Who?’, dream job, etc. it’s easy to overlook a simple photo collage page documenting student life in the school building. A School Days yearbook page is a great way to remember those many hours spent in the school


Yearbook Page Idea-Time Capsule

Yearbook Page Idea: Time Capsule

  According to Wikipedia: A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians. Have you made a physical time capsule at school and buried it somewhere? Think of a time capsule yearbook page like Twitter Moments, pulling