Yearbook Design Idea Headlines sub-headlines

Yearbook Design Idea: Headlines, sub-headlines and paragraphs

  If you’ve ever dabbled with HTML you’ll likely be familiar with H1 (heading), H2 (sub-heading) and paragraph, which structure the hierarchy of copy on every website you visit. If you’re not familiar with HTML code don’t worry, it’s definitely not a pre-requisite to styling your yearbook text, but it is a good way to


Yearbook Theme Idea-Go Wild Animal Print

Yearbook Theme Idea: Go Wild with Animal Print

  Wallpaper, notebooks, clothes… as an animal loving nation we can’t resist a bit of animal print. The good news is Yearbook Hub has everything you need to go wild with your yearbook design too! Animal Print Backgrounds Leopard or Zebra? Pink, blue or green? There’s plenty of choice to make your yearbook pages look


Yearbook Design Idea Playful Patterns

Yearbook Design Idea: Playing with Patterns

Thinking of sticking with plain block colour background in your yearbook? Try taking your leavers’ book design one step further by using patterned backgrounds. Patterns don’t have to be bold and ‘in yer face’ – subtle stripes and profound polkadots are more our bag. We’ve put together a few examples showing you how to use patterned backgrounds in


Yearbook Design Idea: Magazine Articles

Magazine Articles

This is one of the best yearbook ideas to get memories and stories from your school years into the yearbook. 

Magazine (or Newspaper) articles should not be used to tell the story of your entire time at school. When was the last time you picked up a magazine and read an article which detailed the events of the last seven years of someone's life? Nor should they be used excessively. They work best if you just include three or four, spaced out through the yearbook.


Yearbook Design Ideas: Photo Pages

Photo Pages

You have to include loads of pictures in your yearbook. It’s a must. But you don't have to feature photo pages that are essentially just lots of pictures. You can be way more creative than that.

Photo pages are generally exactly what the title suggests. Pages of photo’s. No comments, no titles, just let the pictures do the talking.

Photo pages are ideal for displaying photos of trips, tutor groups, friendship groups, drama productions, and much much more. They are often some of the most popular pages in the yearbook.

Three steps to putting your photo pages together 


yearbook ideas word clouds

Yearbook Ideas – Word clouds

A yearbook is all about looking back, so how about recording specific things which happened, where around, or in fashion while you were at school? These could include news stories, celebrities who shot to fame, fashion crazes, popular toys and gadgets, etc.


Yearbooks Seriously Love Originality

SPC Yearbooks loves original yearbook artworkAt SPC Yearbooks we love to see original artwork being used in your fabulous yearbooks - this is because it shows that a lot of time and thought has gone into creating that artwork, it shows off the wealth of talent in the year group and the yearbook will be completely unique to your school and your year. Whether you're making your own yearbook or submitting your content to SPC's team to design it for you, there are many ways to create your own original artwork...


Top yearbook title suggestions…

Just like your favourite novels, yearbooks need a title too! Titles are a great way of introducing your yearbook and really putting that personal stamp on it. Be extra clever and think of a title that perfectly sums up your time in school or your year. Or you can choose a more traditional title for your front cover and/or title page of your leavers' book. Does your yearbook follow a particular theme such as sport, music, film or theatre? If so, tailor the title to fit your theme.