Yearbook Ideas – Student Fact File Page

Creating a fact file yearbook page is a great opportunity to share all. We don’t mean your deepest darkest secrets (save those for your confessions page!).Think of a yearbook fact file page as a Wiki for each student – their history, skills, likes, dislikes and plans for the future.

You’ll learn a lot more about each other, it’s just a shame you’re leaving!

Fact file essentials

Student details

What kind of fact file would this be without deets?! Full name, nickname, date of birth, star sign, height, eye colour, hair colour, hometown, and (if you want to include contact details) email address, Twitter handle, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Likes and dislikes

A firm yearbook profile favourite is likes and dislikes. Why stray from tradition when our likes and dislikes speak volumes about us? Categories of loves, hates and favourites usually consist of:

  • Music
  • Films / Actors / Directors
  • Food
  • TV shows
  • Books / Authors
  • Drinks
  • Animals
  • Colours
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Places
  • Vloggers
  • Habits
  • Sports / Clubs / Sporting events

Facts and statistics

Coming back to my Wikipedia comparison, a good set of facts are pretty essential in a fact file. It’s also fun to make up your own comical facts, and to be honest they don’t have to be cold hard facts (I know I’m contradicting myself here).

Think infographics with big bold statements, and throw in a few bar charts, pie charts and percentages for good measure!

Here are a few examples sourced from

David Beckham – name: David Robert Joseph Beckham first played for England: 1 September 1996 Beckham is a UNICEF “Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on UNICEF’s Sports for Development program“.

Zebra – species: Equus zebraEquus quagga and Equus grevyi body size: between 2–2.6 m long fun fact: Zebras have excellent eyesight.

Instagram – created by: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched: October 2010 users: 50% iPhone owners and 50% Android owners number of filters: 31 fun fact: Apple Inc. named Instagram “App of the Year” for 2011.

Zoella – name: Zoe Elizabeth Sugg likes: fashion and beauty went to school at:  The Corsham School secondary school and arts college fun fact: Sugg featured on the 2014 single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?


Yearbooks are all about the stuff you want to remember in future. Friendships, trips, events, favourite lessons, favourite teachers, etc. are all very much yearbook-worthy. Photos to go along with these precious memories are a bonus too!

Plans for the future

As with any yearbook entry, it’s always lovely to read what inspires people. “When I grow up…” and “In 10 years time…” leading questions guarantee a mix of responses. FYI – I wanted to run a B&B in Ireland, then I wanted to be a photographer. As life trickles by our goals change, which is exactly why it’s great to remember what you were aiming for at primary, secondary and even sixth form age.

  • Future aspirations
  • Dream job
  • I’ll know I’ve made it when I’m a…
  • When I grow up…
  • In 10 years time…

Random chat

If you would rather keep your fact file open and free, random comments, funny facts and all of the above are perfectly fine too!

According to Harry Styles’ fact file on, he came up with the name One Direction. Zayn “would have been an English teacher if he wasn’t in 1D” Louis “can’t live without his mum” (awww) and all-boys school leaver Niall “slept with his teddy bear until he was 12”.

We can’t vouch for any of the facts above, but we think they demonstrate the purpose of a fact file perfectly.

If you have the space to indulge each student by giving them a page to themselves, a fact file approach is very much recommended by us.

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Over and out…