Yearbook Page Ideas – What’s Your Dream Job?

In all honesty (and don’t tell the other yearbook pages I said this this) ‘Dream Job’ pages are a firm favourite of mine. Yearbooks are always unique, and personal, but there’s just something about sharing a peep-hole into what they want to ‘be’ when they grow up. Lots of primary and secondary schools make dream job pages – they’re such a creative way to show each student’s aspirations for the future.

Dream Job yearbook pages

Dream job pages are so simple to make. All you need is a mini whiteboard, blackboard, or sheet of A4 paper and a camera. Yes, that’s all. Really.

Ask each student to (neatly) write down their dream job, or what they’ll be when they grow up. If you’re creating a primary school yearbook, it may be best to ask a teacher to do this bit. Use a thick marker pen so it’s really easy to read, and keep your fingers crossed that no-one wants to be a ‘Direct debit and membership and professional development stock and credit administrator – Customer services administrator.‘ you may need to upgrade to an A3 piece of paper for that one!

Choose a nice light place to take your photos. A plain backdrop is best, especially if you’re planning to use a patterned, or textured yearbook page background. We photographed against a wall outside the office for our example above (with added breeze for dramatic hair).

Illustrate those chosen career paths using clipart on your yearbook pages. When you’re dropping photos into your yearbook design, add a few pieces of clipart! Yearbook Hub (our online yearbook builder) has an ever-growing vault of clipart to use.

Perhaps we inspired you with our student fact file page idea. A snap of each student holding up their dream job declaration makes a fantastic addition to their fact file.

Stuck for a career path? While researching this blog post I came across some ridiculous (but amazing) job titles! I simply had to share them with you…

  • Director of Sandbags
  • Namer of Clouds
  • Ranch Dressing Expert
  • Extreme Unicyclist
  • Head of Elephants
  • Penguinologist
  • Knitter-in-Residence
  • Chief of Unicorn Division
  • Bear Biologist and Paperfolder

Find the rest on:

We would love to hear how you’re getting on with your ‘Dream Job’ yearbook pages. If you have any questions along the way, fire them over to us on Twitter @SPCYearbooks, Facebook, or using the comments form below.