Yearbook Theme Idea: Love to Travel

If your leavers’ year group dreams of travelling the world this is by far the best yearbook theme idea for you! I love to travel, I’m a self-confessed roadtrip junkie, so this theme is definitely a favourite of mine and gets me very excitied every time I see schools using it.

Here are a few ideas for your own travel theme, what an amazing journey you have the opportunity to document here!

Travel-theme backgrounds

italy ski trip yearbook page

You can’t go far wrong with the most iconic travel item, yes you guessed it, a map! How would we know where we are, or where we’re going without one? Maps come in many different styles, old, new simple, complex, colour and black & white. Cover each page background with your favourite map image, or use maps at the edge of each page for a less busy feel.

Another pretty iconic piece of travel paraphinalia is a flag. Bunting looks particularly good dangled across a yearbook page corner.

I always take lots of photos when I go on my travels, there’s something special about capturing your experience while you’re in the moment! Inspiring places in the form of photos make great yearbook backgrounds. Forests, mountains, beaches and landscapes in general work best. They also make the perfect background for an inspiring quote or two!

Clipart for a travel-themed yearbook

Embelish your yearbook with lots of travel-loving clipart. It really does transform each page and makes a yearbook look fantastic! Your best bet is to head to the scrapbook section of Yearbook Hub and knock yourself out with lots of tags, doodles and paper. You can also upload your own clipart. Look out for the following artwork:

  • Stamps
  • Postcards
  • Compass
  • Passport
  • Travel tickets
  • Luggage tags
  • Images of transport

Journal-style yearbook

journal travel yearbook page

Perhaps you want to achieve a journal-style yearbook and give the illusion that this yearbook has been kept like a personal diary.

Choose a paper texture, such as lined paper and use handwritten fonts to keep an authentic personal feel. You can still use all of the clipart ideas we listed above along with other collected travel souvenirs, such as coins, flowers, feathers, badges, tickets, doodles and food wrappers.

For a classic journal-style cover, use a leather texture strip along the spine and and across the corners. Add a nameplate for your title to make is super-authentic!

Travel cover ideas

The beauty of a travel-themed yearbook cover is that it can be as complex, or minimalist as you like. Look at some journal and diary covers next time you’re in a stationery shop, or browse these ideas on Pinterest.

Here are a few yearbook title ideas to get you thinking…

  • You are here
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Life is a journey
  • Been there… done that
  • Every mile is a memory
  • Hit the road
  • Looks like we’ve made it
  • Our adventure together
  • Our great adventure
  • Adventure awaits
  • Make your mark
  • Wanderlust 2017