Yearbook Page Backgrounds – Get Inspired!

Nothing brings your yearbook pages to life like amazing page backgrounds. Page backgrounds will set the tone of your yearbook. Solid colours can give your yearbook a clean or modern feel. Page backgrounds with patterns or textures (like wood or aged parchment, for example) can make your yearbook feel more rustic, homely or ‘retro’. 

But which page backgrounds are right for your yearbook? Read on!

Solid Colours or Textures

For busy pages with a lot of text, try page backgrounds with solid colours or subtle textures. Neutral or dark colours (think navy blue, Hunter green or dark red) can give your yearbook a ‘classic’ vibe. Bright, vibrant colours can make your yearbook feel fun and exciting. If your school has an official colour or colours, you could use these throughout the yearbook, maybe with a few accent pages in complementary colours. 

School Yearbooks Colour Background


Photo-based pages or feature pages are a great place for bold patterns. Just make sure your page backgrounds aren’t overpowering your content. 

School Yearbook Patterns Background


Using a single photo as a yearbook page background, filling a whole page or a double-page spread, can be very dramatic. This is a great choice for yearbook features, like pages about sports, performing arts, trips or other activities. Just make sure your photo is high-resolution! Low-resolution photos will look blurry or pixelated when stretched out over a full page.

School Yearbook Photo Background

PRO TIP: always make sure that text is legible against the yearbook page background you have selected. Use light text on dark backgrounds and vice versa. If you’ve chosen a yearbook page background with a bold or contrasting pattern, you may wish to put your text in a solid-colour frame. 

It’s a good idea to use a variety of page backgrounds in your yearbook. However, it’s also important to have a consistent ‘feel’ overall. Perhaps you could decide on a colour palette or a single theme. 

Our Yearbook Hub software makes it easy to add and change yearbook page backgrounds. There are hundreds of professionally designed backgrounds to choose from – just drag and drop onto your pages. If you want to upload your own photos or original artwork to use as yearbook page backgrounds, you can do that too!

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