How to make your yearbook totally unique

We all like a bit of individuality right? Something that makes us unique to the rest. Shouldn’t a yearbook be unique too? If you answered ‘yes’ then good on you, we agree!

Granted the title of this post is a contradiction. Every yearbook is unique, in the seven years I’ve been here no two single yearbooks have ever been the same. However I want to give you some bonus ideas to make your yearbook even more unique (that should have been the title, really).

  • Unique yearbook design
  • Unique yearbook profiles
  • Unique yearbook page ideas

Unique Yearbook Design

Pre-designed yearbook themes offer plenty of benefits – time-saving, design-saving and the end result is almost guaranteed to look polished. However if you want to go that extra mile on your yearbook unique-ness journey then what’s to stop you making up a whole new design?

Before you mutter under your breath that “there simply aren’t enough hours in the day” wait! I’m not saying you need to make a new design from scratch. Hopefully you’ve heard of ‘upcycling’, taking an existing ‘thing’ and making it your own – can you see where I’m going with this? There’s absolutely no shame in taking a templated design and putting your own spin on it – perhaps you want to change the colours, swap out a background, move things around a little. We say ‘go for it!’.

Unique Yearbook Profiles

Yes, everyone’s going to say something different, but how are you going to be different when it comes to displaying their comments? One yearbook idea I’ve seen (and absolutely love) is handwritten comments. Each person writes out their comment, it’s scanned in, and used next to their name “what could be more unique than that” I ask!

Yearbook profile photos don’t have to miss the party either. Whiteboard student photos are such good fun and are a great way to make your yearbook profile pages completely unique.

If whiteboards just don’t float your boat, how about selfies for profile pages? I actually haven’t seen any real life examples of these yet, but I just know they’re coming. The bonus of this idea is the amount of photography time it’ll save you. Ask each person to take a selfie and supply it with their comment. There shouldn’t be any winges about profile pictures either, as they took it themselves.

Unique Yearbook Page Ideas

Round off your 100% unique yearbook with some pages that will simply never be the same as anyone elses!

Your uniform contributes to your school’s identity and makes them unique. Create an infographic using a photo of your uniform and maybe some fun stats like:

  • How many hours your jumper has been worn in the past five years
  • The percentage of trousers v’s skirts
  • How many metres of shoe laces in your year group

These can be approximate, of course.

Fingerprints and handprints aren’t just for pre-school. They make great design (for inside pages and covers) for Primary school yearbooks especially, make a really lovely unique memento.

Crowdsourced pages (pages using content generated by other individuals) ultimately achieve the best unique yearbook content. Like the selfies photo profiles, user-generated yearbook content pages are winners. You could go one step further and crowdsource yearbook page ideas, I bet there will be some great pages you can put your completely unique stamp on.

Hopefully you’re now brimming with ideas to make your yearbook totally unique. Who wants a yearbook that looks like everyone elses? Not us!

We’d love to hear you yearbook ideas – pop us a comment 🙂