3 Fun Teacher Page Photo Ideas for Your Yearbook

Your teachers have been there through it all, from start to finish. They’ve dealt with your difficulties, the rising tempers, the soaring highs, and the downtrodden lows.

It’s only fair to remember the part they played in your schooldays by dedicating a section of your yearbook to them.

You’ll want to include their photograph and a personal message. You could include all of your teachers on one double-page spread, but you should really consider dedicating a page to each teacher; this provides plenty of space for photos and for teachers to leave their own message to the year for you to read in years to come.

When it comes to photos, you can’t go wrong with including a simple mugshot. However, there’s also plenty you can do to have a bit of fun with it. Here’s some of the best ideas we’ve seen over the years.

The Shameful Desk Photo

We don’t want to be too nice to teacher. If they appreciate a good joke, there’s no harm in taking part in some friendly banter by presenting them with The Shameful Desk Photo.

This one might require a bit of forethought and planning. Wait until they’re out of the room or otherwise occupied, and take a quick snap of their messy desk to upload to Yearbook Hub and present side-by-side with their photo.

Messy Desk Yearbook Photo
A classic shameful messy desk (Please don’t judge me).

Picture their shock and horror when they see the rag-tag stack of marking and green pens in your yearbook. Messy desk photos are also more nostalgic than you may think – ten or twenty years down the line, that crumpled pack of board markers could trigger some long-lost memories.

You could even give Yearbook Awards for the Best-Dressed and Most Messy desks!

Now and Then

When you bring a date home, there’s always a risk that your parents will reach for the baby photos. It’s embarrassing – but it’s also super cute for your date.

Imagine how fun it would be to do the same thing with your teacher’s baby photos.

This won’t work unless your teacher’s on board, as they’re going to have to bring you some of their old photographs. Ideally, you want photos of them dating back to when they were the same age as the students in your yearbook, but baby photos, graduation photos, or anything in-between work just as well.

Now you can be the embarrassing parent if you ever bump into your teacher at a social gathering. These photos also let you see a different side of your teacher; remember, they were students once too.

The Classic Whole-Class Photo

This is an absolute classic for a reason – it works. Get the whole class together for a group photo, with your teacher kneeling in front as goalie.

If you took one at the start of school, you can put them side-by-side and enjoy the comparison. Look at how much you’ve all grown!

Yearbook Folder

Help Your Teacher Out

It’s a bit of a daunting task to write a teacher yearbook message.

Whether your teacher’s tackling writing a Yearbook Teacher Page, or if you’re a teacher who’s been asked to give it a go, you should check out this handy guide to making your teacher yearbook message fun.