Yearbook Award Ideas

100+ Yearbook Awards Ideas – The Neverending List

It’s that time again. Yearbook Awards are the best way to commend the quirky, committed, and crazy people in your yearbook.

Here’s our neverending list of the best Yearbook Awards Ideas from the past year, as well as some old tried-and-tested classics.

Classic Awards

If you’re struggling to choose your yearbook award categories, you can’t go wrong with this stripped-down list.

  • Pack leader yearbook award ideaFearless
  • Life of the Party
  • Pack Leader
  • Innovator
  • Comedian
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Memelord
  • Superstar
  • Chatterbox
  • Class Clown
  • Animal Whisperer
  • Head Chef
  • Brother from Another Mother
  • Sister from Another Mister
  • Snowflake
  • Gentle Giant
  • Craftsman
  • Insta Star
  • Twitterati
  • Drama Queen
  • MVP
  • Party Animal

Most Likely to… Awards

The Most Likely to… format is super popular in yearbook awards sections for a reason: it works.

most likely to cure a disease yearbook award idea

Most likely to…

  • Be Famous
  • Become Prime Minister
  • Cure a Disease
  • Win Olympic gold
  • Get Married (couple)
  • Tour the World
  • Set a World Record
  • Write a Bestselling Novel
  • Be a film star
  • Go into Outer Space
  • Teach at this school
  • Be asked for ID at 30
  • Be a millionaire
  • Win a Nobel Peace Prize
  • Write a hit song
  • Run a company
  • Paint a masterpiece
  • Win an Oscar
  • Become the world’s strongest man/woman
  • Get married first
  • Move out of the country
  • Save the planet
  • Top the charts

Unique Most Likely to… Awards

Make your yearbook stand out from the crowd with these unique award ideas.

most likely to become a pro gamer yearbook award

Most likely to…

  • Win the Lottery (but Lose the Ticket!)
  • Be a WAG
  • Be a Professional Gamer
  • Catch ’em All
  • Start a Meme
  • Go Viral
  • Invent a Gadget
  • Work for MI6
  • Be a Drifter
  • Start a Charity
  • Rid the World of Plastic
  • Own Their Own Home
  • Discover a New Chemical Element
  • Join the Circus
  • Headline Glastonbury
  • Become Doctor Who’s Next Assistant
  • Be an Evil Scientist
  • Be Sorted into Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw/Slytherin
  • Burst into Song and Dance
  • Be a Reality Show Superstar
  • Overthrow the Government
  • Be the First to Mars

Superheroesthe thing award yearbook award idea

These awards fit in great with a comic book yearbook theme.

  • The Incredible Hulk – Strong and smart
  • The Flash – Fast and quick-minded
  • Superman/Wonder Woman – Always saves the day
  • Batman – Fearless and just
  • Green Lantern – Able to create anything
  • Iron Man – Tech-savvy
  • Doctor Strange – Bizarre sense of humor
  • The Human Torch – Hot-headed
  • The Thing – Tough, but with a heart of gold
  • Wolverine – Fabulous nail art
  • Luke Cage – Dependable and bulletproof
  • Starlord – Most plucky
  • Rocket – Most adorable
  • Aquaman – Best swimmer
  • Robin – Best Sidekick
  • Professor Xavier – Mastermind/genius

Group Awardscutest couple award yearbook award idea

  • Cutest Couple
  • Cutest Couple that Never Was
  • Band of Brothers
  • Dancing Troupe
  • Strongest Clique
  • Best Bromance
  • School Band
  • Wolf Pack


Use this list of superlatives for awards to distinguish the very best of the best.

  • Funniest
  • Kindest
  • Angriest
  • Bravest
  • Happiest
  • Coolest
  • Smartest
  • Biggest Nag
  • Most Excited
  • Most Passionate Nerd
  • Most Athletic
  • Most Stubborn
  • Most Social Media Friendsmost social media friends yearbook award idea
  • Most Upbeat
  • Most Dependable
  • Most Glamorous
  • Most Polite
  • Most Gullible
  • Best Hair
  • Best Dancer
  • Best Smile
  • Best Eyes
  • Best Eyes
  • Best Laugh
  • Best-Dressed
  • Best Moment
  • Best Event

Staff Awards

These are a great way to remember your favourite teachers.

  • Kindest Teacher
  • Strongest Teacher
  • Scariest Teacher
  • Best Caterer
  • Favourite Staff Member
  • Everybody’s Mother/Father

How to Choose Striking Colour Themes

Now that you’ve chosen your awards, learn how to spice up your yearbook design with striking colour themes

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