Yearbook page ideas – things you’ll miss versus things you won’t miss about school

A great idea for any double page spread of your yearbook. Use one page to describe things you’ll miss about school such as:

  • Seeing friends everyday
  • Your favourite teacher
  • Favourite lessons
  • School dinners
  • Sports and sports days
  • The juicy gossip
  • Getting student discount
  • Structure of a school day
  • Walking / catching the bus to school
  • Learning new things
  • Meeting new people
  • Free periods
  • My tutor group
  • School trips
  • School prom
  • Working on your school yearbook

…and the other page to describe things you won’t miss about school:

  • Homework
  • Detentions
  • Studying
  • Exams
  • Wearing school uniform
  • Getting up early
  • PE
  • School dinners
  • The school bus (and never getting a seat)

If you are struggling for space, split a single page in half either vertically or horizontally.

If you are designing your yearbook yourself, you could simply list the things you will and won’t miss. Alternatively make your yearbook page a little more interesting with images, for example, a photo of your school uniform, school dinner, etc.

How about incorporating things you will / won’t miss into your student profile pages? Ask each person:

  • What will you miss most about school?
  • What will you miss least about school?

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