Yearbook Page Ideas – Headlines

Putting a ‘Headlines’ page in your yearbook is a great way of remembering what happened outside of school during your education.

You could put in snippets of big news stories, things like –

  • World politics – Elections, war, conflicts, financial news
  • Natural disasters – Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanoes
  • Celebrities – Achievements, successes, accidents, births, deaths
  • Science – Discoveries, advances in technology, future predictions

You could also have a section in your yearbook dedicated to news from your own school. For example things like –

  • School politics – New headteacher, Head boy and girl elections, who were the prefects?
  • School Achievements – Sports teams winning inter-school cups, which houses were best at which sports?
  • Personal Achievements – Have any students achieved things that might be worth a mention? Played for sports teams at county levels? Or won prizes for Art, Drama or Academia?
  • Remember When? – You could have a ‘Remember When?’ yearbook page. Here are a few examples of things that could be included – ‘The school closed because of heavy snow’, ‘The school closed because of Swine Flu’, ‘Mr Simmons dressed up in a gorilla costume’, ‘We won the Choir competition and got to sing at the Royal Albert Hall’, ‘Barney the class hamster escaped’.

You could also have a page in your yearbook dedicated to the ‘Top Ten’s of Our Time’, this would allow you to look back in ten or twenty years time and remember what music you were listening to, what films you were watching or what games you were playing. Have a look at the list below for some ideas –

  • Songs
  • Films and TV shows
  • Computer Games
  • Fashions and Fads
  • Favourite websites
  • Books
  • Shops
  • Gadgets

How about a ‘How Much?’ yearbook page? On here you can list how much certain things cost the year you left school – when you look back in years to come you can compare prices. A few things you could list –

  • A cinema ticket
  • A music download
  • A loaf of bread
  • A packet of crisps
  • A first class stamp
  • A litre of petrol
  • A yearbook

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