Yearbook page ideas – News and Headlines (part 1)

News and headline round-ups are popular yearbook pages, often included in school yearbooks in different forms.

News and headline yearbook pages generally consist of things that have taken place throughout your time at school. You could include all of the years you were at school, or just have the years you started and/or finished. Some examples of the type of things you could include are shown below (next week we’ll be posting a list of actual events from the last few years you could use – you can fill in 2013 as the year progresses):

  • Top 10 news stories of the year
  • Celebrity news/gossip
  • Top singles, films, YouTube videos, books
  • Latest crazes/fashions

Variations of these include:

A list of the top 10 of everything whilst you were at school.
Some ideas are shown below:

  • Top 10 films
  • Top 10 singles
  • Top 10 tv programmes
  • Top 10 YouTube videos
  • Top 10 fashions
  • Top 10 gadgets

‘You know you went to [insert name of your your school here] if…’ This is generally a list of things which make your school’s students unique, for example:

Things which are specific to your school

  • uniform worn in a certain way
  • Events within the school – school trips, shows, etc.
  • Jokes which are specific to your year/school
  • Things students at your school like
  • School lunches
  • Teachers/assemblies/exams

In this year…

A list of how much things cost the year you left school. This is fun to look back at in future as it not only shows prices to compare to current day, it also shows products which were popular when you were at school.

Coca Cola 330ml can – 59p
Bread 800g – £1.20
Mars Bar 58g – 59p (see if the’re getting smaller!)
Petrol – £1.40/ltr
Diesel – £1.47/ltr
Average Cost of buying a house – £163,845
Apple – 31p
Pear – 40p
Banana – 11p
Computer tablet – £250
Laptop – £350
Smart TV 40 inch – £499
Prom ticket – £25
Ticket to see One Direction at O2 Arena, London £35
Ticket to see Jake Bugg at O2 Academy, Brixton £22.50
Cinema ticket – Iron Man 3 Adult – £11.50 Student – £8.50

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