Yearbook Theme Idea: A Yearbook Playlist

A Yearbook Playlist

We love music, who doesn’t? If like us, you have a playlist for every occasion, why not create a music theme for your yearbook. Feature playlist, festival and charts pages to make a theme your entire year group will enjoy.

Here are some suggestions for putting together this yearbook idea:


Present your student pages as a playlist with a picture next to the ‘artist’s’ name and one sentence which takes the place of the song title.


Festival themed pages can look great, use images of stadiums, stages and crowds to create a really exciting yearbook appearance.

You could also design a page to look like a festival line-up poster, which would look amazing.


If you want to get awards pages into you music themed yearbook, you could do so with a ‘charts theme’. Alternatively let an awards ceremony like the GRAMMYs inspire you to put an awards page together.

Song Lyrics

Instead of a traditional quotes page, you could have pages of your favourite song lyrics. Sometimes lyrics can sum up the way we feel so much better than we can, so why not let them?

Sound waves

If you have ever used a music or video editing software, you will know what sound waves look like. And they look pretty incredible. They also work really well as backgrounds or dividers.

Make it classical

If you don’t want a modern music theme, you can opt for a more classical style. Use piano keys, musical symbols and silhouettes of saxophones and saxophone players to create a classical music theme.

Pick a Genre

If your yeargroup are all into a specific genre of music, you can just design the whole thing around that genre. We know that is pretty unlikely though, so maybe it is wiser to choose a small selection of genres to use as the theme.