Teacher page ideas for your yearbook

Teacher pages are a great introduction to student pages in your yearbook. Many schools begin their book with a message from the Headteacher/Principle followed by messages from a select number of teachers. Tutor pages often precede their tutor group’s/class’s student profile pages offering an ideal structure to the yearbook. But why include teacher pages at all? Tutors, teaching staff and other school staff are a big part of school life and experience so don’t forget to include them!

Here are SPC’s top 6 tips for teacher pages and comments:

  • A popular theme for teacher comments is favourite memories – your class and your teacher have probably spent at least a couple of years together, so will have shared some difficult, stressful, funny and, most of all, memorable times. A teacher or tutor page is a great place to share these memories.
  • As suggested for student comments on profile pagesinspirational quotes are used frequently. They may relate to something previously covered in class, a personal favourite quote, or a quote with a positive message for the future.
  • Incorporated into either (or both) of the above suggestions, each teacher could express their well wishes for the students’ future. Positive messages wishing students the best of luck in the future are a great way to end your teacher comment.
  • If you’re including a year 7 or baby photo in your yearbook’s student comment pages, why not ask your teachers to do the same?
  • Ask your teacher to take photos of interesting things on their desk or around their classroom – maybe they have a particular mascot or quirky object. These photos can also be included on the teacher’s comment page.
  • If your teachers are really struggling to write a yearbook comment, perhaps ask the students to write a few words about their teachers instead. This text could include favourite lessons, memories during school trips or funny things/catchphrases that the teacher will be remembered for.

Have your teachers written the best yearbook comments? Please share your ideas with us and we’ll feature them right here on SPC Yearbooks’ blog. Contact us on 01480 410432 or email [email protected].