Fundraising for your Leavers’ Yearbook

If you’re coming up a bit short on funds for your yearbooks, arrange a fundraiser to top up the budget. PTA fundraisers are perfect for primary schools, and getting the local community involved raises awareness of the school too.

Here are our top fundraising ideas; some involve more effort and planning than others…

Yearbook Ads

Get in touch with local businesses to ask if they’d like to place an advert in your yearbook. Let them know how many copies will be printed.

Sponsored Events

Walking, running, cycling to school, a football tournament or a 10-pin bowling challenge are just a few sponsored sporting event ideas.

Give up meat for a month, stay silent for hours, or bring back the ice bucket challenge! There are a gazillion sponsored event to try!

Christmas Card & Calendar Sales

Now is the perfect time of year to make Christmas cards and calendars to sell to parents and school staff to raise extra dosh. Create your own artwork to give it that extra personal touch. If Christmas has been and gone, think about birthdays, Valentine’s, Easter, or Mother’s Day cards.

Carol Singing

Another festive fave. If you’ve got voices of angels, put them to use around the local community – you might just discover your new secret talent (but please don’t break any windows).


Have your own pop-up op shop! Arrange a gathering and ask each person to bring at least one item of clothing that they no longer wear. Once the swish begins, each person tries and buys what they want.

Auctions & Sales

There’s always something to get rid of in a household, so gather your community’s throw-outs and hold an auction, get them on eBay, or get to your local car boot sale and transform trash into cash for your yearbook.

Can’t get your hands on saleable goods? Chore auctions are the next best thing; offer your car washing, gardening, dog walking or cat sitting services for the day.

Tasty Bakes

Bake sales are always a winner. Savoury or sweet, everyone loves a treat! Spice up the competition with your own Bake Off and charge people to enter.

Bingo Night / Open Mic / Karaoke Night / Battle of the Bands

Get your whole village, town and community involved with an activity night to raise money and awareness about your yearbook project. Maybe some of your year group are in bands and willing to take the stage for the leavers’ book cause?

Speed Dating

Always a bit of fun and a great way to get different year groups chatting. Charge a small entry fee and run a speed dating session during a lunch break.

Once you’ve caught the fundraising bug, we hope you’ll continue to think of more great ways to raise dough for worthy causes. Check out these sites for future fundraising ideas:

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