Yearbook Quote Ideas: Advice To Your Future Self

I went to a very inspiring talk yesterday by Leon Logothetis, star of the Netflix series The Kindness Diaries. He radically changed the path of his life on a mission of kindness. During his personal account of the chain of events leading up to his decision to leave his desk job, I started thinking about what I’d say to my future self regardless of where life takes me. Making a yearbook is a great way to remember the past, but what would you say to your future self?

Add advice to your future self, to your student quote…

Whether you’re working to a question and answer structure or general comments for your student profile page, add a sentence or short quote for your future self to read in say, 5, 10, 20 or 50 years!

Future self quote ideas

  1. Remind your future self of your current aspirations, like what career or personal goals you want to achieve, e.g. “become a Flavourist”, or something simple like “learn to bake”.
  2. A bit of self-appreciation (in what sometimes seems like a lonely world) will be welcome whatever age you are:

    You matter
    You can make a difference
    You deserve to be happy
    You can do it
    Believe in yourself
    Never doubt your worth
    Be kind to yourself
    What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you
    Admire others’ beauty without questioning your own
    You are making a difference every day
    Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle
    Forgive yourself
    You are your own worst critic. Don’t believe everything you think

  3. Inspire yourself to keep moving:

    Never settle
    Keep going
    Challenge yourself today
    Leave your comfort zone
    It’s never too late
    Be more. Do less
    Wake up and be awesome
    Experience is the best way to learn
    Remember: difficult roads lead to divine destinations
    It’s not what you see that matters; it’s how you see it
    Travel more. It will stretch your mind

  4. Funny advice:

    Wear sunscreen
    Eat your greens
    Take more bubble baths
    Dance like no one is watching
    Smile at strangers (one of my personal favourites)
    Let yourself laugh so hard you snort
    Drink more water… a lot more


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