Yearbook theme ideas – music and musical designs

A very popular yearbook theme choice is music; you can put your own unique personality on this theme and really experiment with the design. In this post we are looking at music-related theme design tips and ideas.

Are you looking for a non-genre specific music design? Use musical score and musical notes throughout your yearbook design. Iconic musical element, such as treble or bass clefs (you’ll find these at the very beginning of a piece of music), are also very effective when dropped in as clipart or shapes (available in Yearbook Hub). This is also a very good option if you are sticking with a black and white themed yearbook, perhaps alternate the pages – black with white musical score, then on the next page, white with black musical score.

Another great idea is to include song lyrics in your yearbook, either on every page or just at the start of each section. The lyrics could be a record of favourite artists of your generation, or they could be lyrics which fit that specific section of your yearbook i.e. ‘Never Forget’ by Take That for photo pages, ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen for sports pages, etc. Remember to include the artist’s name after the lyrics and perhaps include a citation page at the back of your yearbook listing each artist, song title and year that you’ve used – especially if the songs are particularly relevant to your time in education.

For something more upbeat, silhouettes of people dancing or waving their arms in the air work very well as part of your yearbook page background, or as clipart to dot around your page.

If the majority of your class or year group prefer a certain type of music i.e. rock, pop, rap, dance, blues, classical, disco, etc., then choose elements relating to this choice such as guitars, microphones, decks, disco balls, harmonicas or violins. You could even dedicate one type of music per tutor group or per yearbook section to give a diverse mix of styles.

With music themed yearbooks you’re almost unlimited when it comes to colour choices. You could opt for a seriously colourful disco-esque style, or stick with a muted black/white design and use splashes of energetic colour (see our blog post about ‘How to use colour in your yearbook’ for further ideas).

There’s a vast amount of inspirational resources available for music themed yearbooks including album covers, music websites and magazines. Remember to keep your designs energetic, fun and full of personality.