Top 10 Year 11 Leavers’ Ideas

Graduating from year 11 is a pretty major deal, and obviously you want to do it in style. Looking for inspiration on how to stand out from the crowd while celebrating your big send-off? Here’s our official Top Ten list of leavers’ ideas for year 11.

  1. Throw a party. OK, not the most original idea – but with a little imagination you can make it something special. How about a fancy dress party, or a glow-in-the-dark party with blacklights?
  2. The Great Year 11 Bake Off. Why not hold a baking contest? All the baked goods could be graduation themed. And at the end, everyone gets to eat the entries. Win-win.
  3. Themed prom. How about a disco prom? Or a Great Gatsby 1920s prom, for a little glamour? Don’t forget that you get FREE prom tickets with every yearbook order…and that includes a free bespoke design, if you can’t find something you love in our premade templates
  4. Awards ceremony. Plan your categories well in advance to leave time for voting. Categories can be a fun mix of sincere and silly. Don’t forget to include categories for your teachers! (Want some inspiration for your awards categories? Look no further!
  5. Photo booth. These are always a hit, and they can produce tons of fantastic photos to use in your yearbook. Don’t forget to bring lots of fun props and costumes! No photo booth would be complete without a moustache on a stick.  
  6. Scavenger hunt. This would be a great excuse to run wild through the school – you know you’ve always wanted to! You could write clues with references to teachers, trips and shared memories. year 11 bake off cupcake
  7. Then and now. Everyone needs to appreciate your glow up! Put together a photo collage of everyone’s year 7 photo next to their year 11 photo (this could work in a yearbook as well). 
  8. Time capsule. Why not leave a lasting memorial for future students? There’s so much going on at this point in history – it will be fascinating for generations to come to learn about life way back in the 2020s. You could include descriptions of what school has been like during the pandemic. 
  9. Bucket lists. What do you want to get done before, say, age 30? Have everyone write their lists and assemble them to compare goals and aspirations. Make sure to keep them someplace safe so you can bring them to your 30-year reunion!
  10. Yearbooks. Did you really think we wouldn’t mention yearbooks? There’s just nothing like a yearbook to help you save and cherish your school memories for years to come. Our Yearbook Hub software allows you drag and drop content to create pages in minutes – get started today with a free trial account.