Top 10 Year 6 Leavers’ Ideas

Moving on from primary to secondary school is a huge milestone. It’s important to make those last few weeks of primary school fun and memorable for year 6 leavers… but how? Here’s our official Top Ten list of leavers’ ideas for year 6 pupils. Drum roll please…

  1. Put on a talent show. What better way to show off the amazing skills your year 6 leavers have learned during their time in primary school? You could even make it into a Britain’s Got Talent style contest, with voting and prizes. 
  1. End-of-year art project. This could be something that everyone works on individually through the last year 6 term and then submits in the final week to be displayed. Why not give everyone a tile to decorate, or a cardboard shape like a butterfly or a hot air balloon? These would look wonderful all displayed together as a mural or collage.
  1. Movie night! Hard to go wrong here. Get everyone together in the school gymnasium. Ask them to bring their sleeping bags and make sure there are loads of snacks, then curl up with a few classic flicks. Everyone can vote in advance to decide on what to watch. 
  1. Awards ceremony. These can be great fun. Select your categories nice and early to give everyone a chance to vote. Categories can be a combination of fun and serious. Don’t forget to include some awards for teachers as well! Then hold your own Oscars night. You could include skits, poetry or other performance ideas as well to really make a production of it. (Want some inspiration for your awards categories? Look no further!
  1. Lip-sync music video. Pick an inspirational song that will be perfect to help your year 6 leavers say goodbye, and then put together a song-and-dance routine. Why not film as you’re walking through the school, and have every pupil perform a line from the song as you walk past? The video could then be shown at a final assembly. 
  1. ‘I want to be…’ photos. These will make fantastic keepsakes for your year 6 leavers in years to come. You could use a small chalkboard or dry-erase board for everyone to write on and hold up in the photo, and ask pupils to bring props or costumes to represent their profession
year 6 career aspirations
  1. Leavers’ quiz. Questions like ‘Who scored the most points in football?’ or ‘Who started the infamous canteen food fight in year 5?’ are a great way to have fun and bring back memories. 
  1. Leavers’ disco. The tried-and-true classic. This doesn’t have to be a huge production — even just some snacks and a Spotify playlist in the gym or a local venue is enough, as long as everyone is having fun and making memories. Be sure to issue tickets or invitations. Don’t forget that you get FREE prom tickets when you order your yearbooks with SPC Yearbooks!
  1. Signing T-shirts or autograph books. Get everyone together on their final day in year 6 and have them write goodbye messages to each other on a white T-shirt or in a dedicated autograph book. See our range of autograph book templates or request a bespoke design at no additional charge.

    And of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention…
  1. Yearbooks. We might be biased, but we think that yearbooks are the single best way to save primary school memories for years to come. You could combine other year 6 leavers’ ideas with your school yearbook, like awards, quizzes and ‘I want to be…’ photos. Our Yearbook Hub software allows you drag and drop content to create pages in minutes.