Top 5 Headteacher and School Principal Yearbook Message Ideas

This year has passed at whirlwind speed and you’re already being asked to write an introduction for the leavers’ yearbook! Just for you, we’ve gathered our top 5 Headteacher and School Principal yearbook message ideas to help you along.

1. A welcoming introduction

Any book worth its salt starts with some sort of introduction, or foreword. Open with a warming welcome message to set the tone for the rest of the yearbook.

If you make a yearbook every year mention the edition number “welcome to our tenth [school name] yearbook…” this works particularly well if it’s an anniversary, or landmark year for your school, for example 10, 15, 20, or 25 years.

Set the anticipation of what’s to come in the yearbook, such as awards and photos of notable events covered, or perhaps there are some upcoming juicy confessions!

2. Thank those who made the yearbook happen

Without a dedicated team putting in the hours to plan, collect content, design and distribute a yearbook simply wouldn’t happen. A special mention and message of gratitude to those behind the scenes will be much appreciated.


Thanks to [teacher/staff member/PTA group] and the Yearbook Committee for their time and hard work putting this yearbook together. They’ve done a fantastic job and on behalf all senior staff we want to say how proud we are of the finished article. We really hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

3. Special memories

No doubt there’ll be many many memories, but pick just a few really positive and funny moments to include and give everyone a good giggle. Take your reader on an emotional rollercoaster with some beautiful, tear-jerking memories (perhaps add a pre-warning to grab a box of tissues).

4. Highlight key events and achievements

Has your school hosted a really successful event this year? Won an award? Aced Ofsted? However big or small the achievement write about it in your yearbook and share how proud you are of the leavers’ year group for the part they played.

5. Inspire and motivate

Sign off with a positive and motivating ‘outro’. Talk about the growth and development of the year group (in terms of physical, mental and their personality). Your students are likely to come back to their yearbook again and again at different stages of their lives, go all out and give them a boost – they can achieve anything with hard work and dedication! If you live by an inspiring quote be sure to use it as part of your comment.

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