Which SPC Yearbooks discounts apply to you?

At SPC it’s important to us to give everyone the chance to have a yearbook and a leavers’ hoodie. See below for a range of discounts and offers we run for schools, some are available year all round but others are limited. Contact our friendly team to find out more and cut the costs of your yearbook project!

  • Early order discount: SPC like to reward early birds with a 15% discount – just get your order form to us before Christmas and the discount will apply. As always, no deposit is required and all stated details can change right up until the point we go to print.
  • Dual order discount: If your school orders planners as well as yearbooks from SPC, £1 will be deducted from the cost of your yearbooks (minimum 300 planners and 50 yearbooks – max £300).
  • 20% off hoodies discount: If you decide to order hoodies as well as yearbooks from SPC, you are entitled to 20% off your hoodies!
  • Large order discounts: If your school orders 75-99 yearbooks, a 5% quantity discount will be applied. Ordering 100-149 yearbooks will mean that a 10% discount is applied, ordering 150-199 yearbooks will mean that a 15% discount is applied and ordering 200 yearbooks will mean that a 20% discount is applied.
  • 5% discount for each year group: This promotion will apply if your school orders both Y11 and Y13 edition yearbooks.
  • Free prom tickets: If your school ordered yearbooks with SPC last year and orders again this year before Christmas, you will be entitled to receive 300 A6 full colour, single sided bespoke prom tickets for free!

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