Yearbook theme ideas – even more comic book-style theme ideas…

As you can see from the example, comic book yearbook designs are all about fun, bright, colourful pages with storyboards, bold graphics and speech bubbles.

Whilst you can use whatever colours you wish, bold colours are often used for comic book themes. You could always integrate your school colour(s) to personalise it for your school, or you could go for a black and white background with bright accents.

Bold graphics and fonts are important for a successful comic book yearbook theme – with titles in capitals to make them stand out.

Comics are all about storyboards; you could use this idea in your yearbook to show a particular event, or to talk through school trips you’ve been on. Use narratives underneath the pictures and speech bubbles to tell the story and add arrows to move through the images. You could also use the storyboard layout to show your montage photos as shown in the examples.

Speech bubbles can be used for titles, or comments, and if someone in your year is good at caricatures you could get them to draw each student or teacher to add to the yearbook design.

Comic book themed yearbooks are always popular and we’ve just finished a fresh new design at SPC Yearbooks. There are a couple of things we had to take into account to create this style:

1. Graphic elements

  • We’ve used Roy Lichtenstein style dots for the page background (see our previous blog about this here:
  • To give them the look of a comic book strip, images are placed in boxes with a fairly thick black outline and a space underneath for text. Also, comments and titles are put in various speech bubble shapes.
  • Trips and montage pages carry this idea further and are set out as a comic book strip, with speech bubbles and comment boxes used to narrate what’s happening in the images.
  • Throughout speech bubbles are used with comic book sound effect words ie ZAP, WHAM, POW!!!
  • Even the page numbers burst onto the page with a flash!

2. Fonts

Big, bold fonts are key, with uppercase letters used for titling. Here are some examples of comic style fonts:

Yearbook theme ideas-even more comic book-style theme ideas fonts
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