Yearbook theme ideas – End of a journey

Why not represent your journey through school in your yearbook using a travel journal design theme? A travel journal yearbook theme follows the same ideas as a scrapbook one, lots of day-to-day objects creating plenty of layers and interest.

If you would rather use a different design for your yearbook, but like the idea of a travel journal design, why not use these elements just on your trips pages?

For plenty of travel journal ideas and imagery search ‘travel journal design’ in a search engine or take a look on Pinterest.

Here are a few yearbook travel theme ideas to get you started:

  • Maps – use map pages as backgrounds either on their own, or as part of a collage with other elements. Old, aged maps with folds and creases look really effective. For a less distracting background change the opacity of the map image to 50% or lower, or change the image to black and white. If you want to make more of a feature of your maps, use pins and string to show where each person is from, or where you went on school trips.
  • Stamps – postal stamps or passport stamps make great yearbook travel theme elements. Overlay these onto your background with content on top, overlay them on a corner of your profile page photos, or keep them to the edge of your page.
  • Photos – layer up photos of your school buildings or trips photos. Use scrapbookesque-style montage page examples with polaroids and photo corner effects. If you are using a design program such as Photoshop, add a drop shadow to your photos, giving a 3d effect.
  • Doodles and scribbles – small, hand-drawn illustrations of anything travel-related, such as modes of transport, globes, famous buildings, exotic animals, etc. add a unique touch to your yearbook.
  • Travel tags – great for yearbook page titles and yearbook profile page comments.
  • Airmail artwork – have you received letters from overseas? If so, it may have been in an envelope with a blue and red chevron border and a ‘via airmail’ stamp or sticker. This is very classic travel associated stationary.
  • Notebook or folder binding – give your yearbook the appearance of being a notebook or ring bound folder. Scan these in at a4, full size to ensure they are large enough to use for your yearbook page backgrounds.
  • Organiser tabs – similar to our pre-designed template (S37), give the impression of a organiser journal with tab images down the side of each page.
  • Flags – use these as bunting across the top of your page, or use flag images as part of your background.

Other image element ideas:

  • String
  • Compass
  • Passport cover
  • Postcard (old style)
  • Travel tickets
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach towels
  • Stamp-style borders

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