Yearbook Theme Ideas – Classic Yearbook Page Designs

If your yearbook requires a classic, unfussy design which relates to your school logo or colours, read on for SPC’s top 3 yearbook theme design ideas

1. Study your school logo for inspiration – what colours are used? What shapes? Could you use the logo as a background for your page numbers (folios) or as part of your page title artwork?

2. Pick a single colour (this could be one of your school’s colours, or another colour of your choice), and use a solid band of this colour at the top and/or bottom of your yearbook page to create a letterbox area for your content. Keep this design exactly the same size and in the same position on every yearbook page for a structured, uniform look. The colour itself could change per tutor group/class or per section of your yearbook, and it’s a great place to house your page title.

3. You can rarely go wrong with a clean white background in your yearbook, but if you are using a single colour (or even two colours) on your yearbook pages, try a background which is a lighter shade of one of those colours – for example, if using a navy blue title bar – use a very light navy blue background. Alternatively use a texture which is light in colour, for example, canvas or handmade paper. This will retain a clean look but adds interest to your yearbook pages.


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