Yearbook page ideas – People who left before the end of school

We all know that a yearbook is created to save and share memories of people who we went to school with, things we all did together and things we achieved. So what about the people who left before the end of school?

Dedicate a page of your yearbook to those who left. Perhaps they moved away, changed school locally or went to a different Sixth Form (if it’s a Year 13 yearbook). It’s rare to have comments from people who left, therefore you could use a student profile page design and include just the names and dates of attendance of ‘people we lost along the way’, for example, Daniel Gibson 2007 – 2008.

Alternatively, at the end of each tutor groups’ profile pages, list out those from that class who left before the end. Don’t have a photo of each person that left? Use a male or female silhouette or list only their names if you are short of space, but still wish to acknowledge them.

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