Yearbook Page Idea: The Funny, The Best & The Fondest

Pop down that revision book for just a moment and give yourself some time to remember – I mean, really think about your first really vivid memory of school. A leavers’ yearbook is all about celebrating the times at school, college, or University you never want to forget, so why not have a page (or a few pages) and collect all of those standout memories together?
There’s no better place to gather your vivid memories than a ‘Remember when…’ yearbook page.

Funny Memories

Get everyone belly laughing with hilarious tales of epic spills, embarassing moments, and bizarre brilliance! All will be forgiven in a yearbook* (*we can’t promise that, by the way). Here are a few ideas and examples; names have changed to protect those involved.

  • Rob got hit by a flying shoe in the playing field. To this day, no-one has claimed the shoe!
  • Angelina tried using the Get Out of Jail Free card from Monopoly to get out of detention
  • Mrs Atkins won the snowball fight
  • Ms Cole had to explain to Alex what “voulez-vous coucher avec moi” meant during class
  • Some genius pulled the fire alarm on the wettest day of the year!
  • Setting off the hose in Science
  • Accidently calling Mr Brown ‘daddy’ in Music
  • When Leo fell down the stairs in the hall. Oh, and when he fell over in the courtyard
  • Rugby tour in Year 8, the ball hitting the ref’s bald head!

Best Memories

The best school memories are the biggies. The ones that instantly jump into your mind. The fun times, the times you want to relive over and over again. School trips are often featured, but the simple things are just as good.

  • London trip
  • Sitting round the campfire in Year 8
  • Telling scary stories on D of E
  • Alton Towers Resort
  • Hiding in the corner of the old Library with a good book
  • Year 9 Production Week


Fondest Memories

This is where the warm and fuzzies come in. Nine times out of ten, our fondest memories involve the people we were closest to at school. Ask yourself: “what will I cherish forever?” The answer might sound a bit random to everyone else, but those who were there will know exactly the moment you’re writing about!

  • Dave the Dancing Dinosaur
  • Dressing up as Mr Bean
  • Piggy-back races with Chica
  • Dinner times in the foyer
  • Meeting my friends
  • Partying for the last time at school prom

As soon as a memory pops into your head, write it down! Ask your friends what they remember too and write that down. Over time, you’ll collect a bunch of great memories to put in your school yearbook.