Yearbook Page Idea: Dressing Up & Dressing Down (including World Book Day)

Any excuse to work on an outfit and become someone, or something else for the day. Dressing up is not only fun, it’s an important part of learning too. Many schools invest in a dress-up box to ignite the imagination and tell a story.

World Book Day is the perfect example of this and I bet parents and teachers took oodles of photos. I know I saw at least ten of my friends put up a pre-school run snap of their little darlings dressed up on Facebook. These gems definitely have a place in every school’s leavers’ yearbook.

Those sporadic days where everyone breaks out of school uniform are pretty special, but are often forgotten over the longer trips. We’re here to champion the dressing up (and dressing down) days and to make sure you consider dedicating a page of your leavers’ yearbook to such valuable experiences.

What dress-up days could feature in a yearbook?

The honest answer is anything at all, but here are a few of our favourites (and ideas we see in many of the yearbooks we create with schools):

World Book Day (as previously mentioned) – as it’s such a global occassion, it’s perfect. Friends from different schools can re-share their experience of World Book Day through their yearbook.

School Productions and Plays – it’s no secret how much time, effort and dedication goes into a school production from both students and staff. For the students it can be the start of a new hobby, or career path. For others it can be overcoming an obstacle and challenging themselves.

Fundraising / charity days – dressing down in pyjamas for a good cause is just as worthy as dressing up to the nines for Prom. Dress up and Dance for Macmillan is one of my personal favourites!

Christmas Jumper Day – Okay, I know it’s the middle of April, and mentioning that word is not allowed, but don’t forget to feature the one day of the year it’s actually ‘cool’ to wear the spangliest jumper you’ve ever owned.

Mufti Day – otherwise known as casual clothes day gets everyone out of uniform and into their civvies.

Find yourself drowning in photos from proud parents? Inbox influx from those who love a good selfie? A jam-packed yearbook photo montage page would be the best solution. Add a title to the top, or middle of your page to explain the reason for ditching your uniform for that special day.

If you have a little bit of space, a short write-up about the event will really help everyone recall it when they look back at their leavers’ yearbook.


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