Yearbook ideas – Scrapbook Cover Designs

Yearbook design ideas-Scrapbook Cover DesignsWith school half term upon us, the SPC Yearbooks designers have been busy coming up with some more fun yearbook cover designs for you. Scrapbook-inspired cover design has continued to be one of our most popular themes throughout 2012. SPC Yearbooks’ designers want to share their top 3 scrapbook-style yearbook cover ideas with you:

Cutout letters cover – layered papers & pads make up this scrapbook cover design. Add your school name, leavers year, etc. in cutout letters and any scribbles / doodles you can come up with too!

Desk scribbles cover – Giving the impression of text etched into a school desk, it’s a similar idea to our popular rainbow signatures yearbook cover; send SPC Yearbooks a hardcopy of your signatures and our designers will do the rest!

Scrapbook cover – Why not create a scrapbook theme yearbook cover by laying out items that remind you of your time at school, or emptying the contents of a typical school bag and photographing it for your cover background. Remember to leave a clear space where you can put the yearbook details (school name, leavers year, etc.), like the notepad on the example shown. Alternatively just ask for our scrapbook cover, to save you time.

Click here for more detailed scrapbook-theme yearbook design ideas…


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