Yearbook Ideas: School Trips Pages

School Trips

We all love school trips, often they are the highlight of the year. Whether your school has visited a local business, a London museum or ventured abroad, you can always include school trip pages in your yearbooks.

The Pictures

School trip pages need plenty of pictures. We recommend that you devote at least a double page spread to your school trips, simply because of how many pictures you are going to want to include.

Whilst pictures from Ski Trips or excursions abroad will provide some incredible images, we are sure you will have some pretty cool photos from any trips that you have been on. Whether they’re selfies, group pics on the bus, or photos of the attractions you went to see, they will look great in your yearbook.

Say Something

Quite often pictures speak for themselves, and so a page of images with an appropriate title will do. Some people choose to add annotations or descriptions to their school trip pages, and we that that it is really effective when they do.

Quotes from students about the trip work well, or a description of where you went and why. Oh and don’t forget to include dates, it might seem obvious to you now that you went to Thorpe Park in May 2015, but when you look back on your yearbook in ten years time, you’re not going to remember that quite so clearly.


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