Yearbook Design Ideas – Make a yearbook magazine

If you have a lot of content, a magazine-style yearbook design is a great solution. Either make up your very own unique magazine, or base it on the style of your favourite magazine.

Magazine designs often display across double page spreads (be careful not to put any content in the spine area), with a large image on one page and a caption. Text sits in columns with smaller images on the facing page.

With magazine-style yearbook design don’t be afraid to:

  • Be bold with your design
  • Make it fun and interesting with playful fonts
  • Overlay text over images, such as your title
  • Pull a quote out of your text and use it in a larger font

If you are using a lot of imagery and text on the page, avoid overcrowding with detailed backgrounds and lots of clipart items.

For the yearbook cover:

  • Pull out a top story to accompany your main cover image
  • Use a leavers’ related title, such as ‘Class 2013 have left the building’ or ‘Year 13 – onto the next chapter…’

If you have time…

  • Create a wordsearch or quiz
  • ‘Guess who?’ baby and look-a-likes pages is ideal for a magazine yearbook theme

Look at your favourite magazines to get an idea of layouts and how they use photos and text in their design.


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