Yearbook Hub help – Low-resolution image warnings

Images range vastly in size, especially now that the majority of photos you’ll use in your yearbook are digital files.

What happens with low resolution images in Yearbook Hub?

When low-resolution photos are placed on the page, enlarging the image too much will cause a warning triangle to appear.

What do I do if I see these warning triangles on my photo?

Try reducing the size of the image (by using the resizing handles within the editor) until the triangle disappears. This then shows you the maximum size of the image, at optimal quality.

Please note that in Yearbook Hub, you will need to make sure you have no red warnings on your images to be able to proceed with your order.

Avoiding Blurry Yearbook Photos and Images

Learn how to upload your images to Yearbook Hub so they look more like left kitty (cute!), and less like right kitty (sad).


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