What is a school yearbook? How do I make one?

In short, a school yearbook is a publication celebrating memories and events during your time at school. A yearbook contains photos (usually) provided by students and text written by students and teaching staff and is a lasting memento which can be thumbed through again and again. Online yearbooks are great, but what happens when the hosting runs out? Your yearbook full of treasured memories will be lost. A printed yearbook will always be there whenever you want to revisit your school years.

School yearbooks and leavers’ books traditionally consist of a few must-have pages – teacher comments, student profile pages, photo montage pages and message/signature pages. There’s a huge choice of fun yearbook pages you can use, whatever you can stretch your imagination too really! Baby photos, birthday pages, awards pages, trips pages, sports, student life, yearbook committee, look-a-likes, prom, the list goes on. Take a look at our top 5 school yearbook page ideas.

Sounds great, so how do I make a school yearbook?

  1. The first step is to gather a yearbook committee of people to help make your yearbook happen! Although it can be done alone, it’s much more fun as a group project.
  2. Decide whether you want to design your own school yearbook, or have it professionally designed. At this stage you’ll need to get an idea of your budget, your timescales (how long you have to complete the yearbook) and start collecting photos and text from staff and students (we have some great suggestions to help you).
  3. Would you like your yearbook’s design to follow a theme? Take a look at our previous post about yearbook themes and see theme suggestions on our website.
  4. Plan which pages you’d like in your yearbook – does you committee have any other page ideas to make your school yearbook truly unique? Make a flat plan of your pages.
  5. Depending which yearbook service you’ve chosen in step 2, your next task will be either submitting your content for a professionally designed yearbook, or building your own yearbook pages from your desktop, or online.
  6. Once you have your pages built and full of text and photos, if working on your own design, request a proof, or if you’re having your school yearbook designed we’ll send you a proof. Make any changes and approve your yearbook for print!
  7. Plan how you’re going to distribute your yearbook – before school breaks for summer? Are you going to organise a yearbooks party? Are you going to request everyone comes in to collect their yearbook?
  8. Relax! Time to enjoy the fantastic yearbook you’ve been part of creating.


Top Yearbook Tips

  • If you’re collecting photos on Facebook, both our yearbook software and online designer options let you use photos directly from Facebook!
  • Cover school events, camera in-hand
  • How would you like your yearbook cover to look? For a formal-looking yearbook, go for a faux leather binding with foil blocking (like a record of achievement), or if you want to your own artwork on your cover, choose a full colour softback or hardback cover.
  • Ask someone to proofread your yearbook – if you’re designing your own school yearbook, ask a member of staff to cast their eye over your yearbook proof to check for spelling errors.
  • Plan a schedule and make deadlines to keep your yearbook project running smoothly. Meet as a yearbook committee regularly and set clear targets for your next meeting.
  • Make sure everyone is included in the yearbook, not just the people involved in making it – give every member of your year the opportunity to submit photos and text.

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