Using photos from the first year in your school yearbook

Including photos from the first year in school (e.g. Year 7 for a Year 11 Yearbook) can add a lot of interest to the yearbook as your journey through school comes to an end. Here are a couple of ideas for including first year of school photos in your yearbook:

  • First year photos look great as a page, or pages on their own so students can have fun trying to identify who each person is. If you are designing your own yearbook, use a grid or photo montage layout and either add each students’ name below each photo, or if this is a ‘guess who’ page, hide the answers at the bottom of the page.
  • On your student profile/class pages include the first year of school photo with each current photo and comment. If you are creating your own yearbook – show both first year and final year photos on profile pages by using two photo boxes per student on the yearbook profile/class pages.

If you would like to include these photos, investigate early in the project whether you can get hold of the photos you need. You don’t want to be faced with a major change to the design at a later stage if photos have proven too difficult to get. If the first year of school photos were done by the school photographer, then the school may have an image on file for each student. If these are passport sized or low resolution digital images for the school admin system, then you need to keep them small in the yearbook design.


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