Ultimate Guide to Exam Survival – Part 2

For many it’s another relaxing half term break (with a bit of homework to do before the week is out), enjoy your break and hopefully some sunshine! Some of you are in the thick of your exams and it’s you that our Ultimate Guide to Exam Survival is here to help. Last week we looked at school and college exam preparation, this week we’re looking at the best and most effective revision techniques:

Dos and Don’ts

Don’t leave all the revision for your examinations until the last moment then have a cramming session.

  • This is inefficient.
  • Exhausting.
  • Creates tension that reduces effectiveness.

Don’t work all night. Long periods of revision without a break are not effective.

  • You will get very tired.
  • You will learn inefficiently as time goes by.

Don’t “watch” television or have background music on. This is obviously inefficient since it is distracting.

Don’t learn everything you’ve written. Learn the important points – these need to be selected first.

Do plan a revision timetable for the weeks leading up to the examination. Once worked out – keep to it. Leave a little slack (spare time) in your revision programme in case something comes up and you miss some of your work.

Do put a series of rewards in your programme to give you a break and an incentive to work hard, e.g. an hour off to watch your favourite TV programme or a break to listen to some music/see your friends, etc.

Do make sure your programme is designed so that you do not have a very long period without a break and that you do not go on too late into the evening. Get plenty of sleep. This will reduce boredom, increase efficiency and keep you reasonably fresh.

Do make sure you have in your programme some periods of time for recall of material you’ve already learned. This will help to keep information in your brain.

Do find somewhere quiet to revise.

Do ask your teacher if you are stuck, can’t understand something or need advice. Your teacher cannot read your mind.

If you have your own tried and tested school revision techniques, we’d love to hear them. Tweet us @SPCYearbooks using #exams.


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