Top tips for Yearbook Creator software

Here are a few handy tips for those using our Yearbook Creator software. With it’s powerful tools and many editing features, it’s ideal for both beginners and advanced users alike.

How to replace the instructions page (page 1)

To give you a guide on where your photos and text should safely sit (within the green lines), we’ve added guidelines on page 1 (after the cover) of your yearbook.

Once you’ve read these guidelines you can replace the page with your chosen background. Simply drag and drop a background from the ‘Backgrounds’ tab over the top of the guidelines page to replace it.

How to add your own backgrounds, masks, frames and scrapbook items to our Yearbook Creator software

If you’re working on your own design theme, or have specific artwork you’d like to add to the library tabs at the bottom of Yearbook Creator’s editor window, it’s very easy to do this:

1. Open the software and navigate to the correct media tab (backgrounds, masks, frames or scrapbook)
2. Click the cog icon to the right of the tab and select ‘Add…’
3. Navigate to the image you’d like to upload and hit ‘Add’
4. You’ll be asked to name the image, so give it a descriptive name (this must be unique) and click ‘OK’
5. Your image is now ready to use and can be found to the far right of the tab

If you’re adding a frame you’ll need to make sure the background and area inside the frame is transparent and saved as a .PNG file. When you ‘Add…’ the software will ask you to set a boundary box to define where images will sit inside the frame. Try to set the bounding box as close to the inside of the frame as possible.

If you’re adding scrapbook items to be placed over the top of backgrounds or photos, save the image as a .PNG with a transparent background.

Masks need to be saved as greyscale – 100% black masks will show a very bold colour when placed over a colour or other image. 50% black masks will show a lighter shade of a colour, or other image when placed over the top.

Why does my image look so small in the software?

Our yearbook software pages are set up for the print (300dpi), low resolution and physically small photos/logos appear very small when you drag them onto the page.

Yearbook Creator will indicate low quality images with a red warning triangle. Check the physical size of your original image in an image editor (such as Photoshop), or right-click on the file and select ‘Properties’ (‘Get Info’ on a Mac) to see the file size – is it under 1mb? If so, it’s likely to be small and low resolution.

Where did the image come from?

If the image was taken from a website, or elsewhere online it is likely to be low resolution, if possible, try to source the original, or higher resolution version for a better quality and larger image. If in doubt, add the image to the software and see how big it appears on an A4 page at print resolution.

If you have any Yearbook Creator questions, get in touch with your account manager and we’ll be happy to help you.


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