There’s still time to make a school yearbook

There’s still time to create a school yearbook and get guaranteed delivery on results day. Even if you haven’t made a start yet – you can produce a yearbook in very little time with very little hassle!

The biggest part to get out of the way first is gathering the content for the yearbook and how you want it structured. Make sure that you have all the photos and comments that will be going into the yearbook ready before everyone leaves school.

Top tip – leave out student comments to make the process a lot quicker… this way you won’t need to rigorously proof read the comments for anything that shouldn’t be there, and you can still get a very effective yearbook.

Speak to us soon and let us help you plan deadlines for design and agree when you would like your yearbooks to be delivered. Whichever option you choose, SPC Yearbooks will help you create your perfect yearbook! Call 01480 410432 or email [email protected]


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