The Annual SPC Christmas Jumper Competition

Our Christmas Jumper Day 2015 has raised £124.37 for Save The Children.

There isn’t another day of the year that quite compares to walking into the office on Christmas Jumper Day. And the jumpers on display this year were quite incredible – so good in fact, that rather than just awarding one prize as planned we had to pop to the shop to buy more prizes!

As a result of so many people turning up in such amazing jumpers, we awarded three prizes!

Firstly, Pete and Emily were awarded for the incredible efforts they put into their outfits, whilst not technically Christmas Jumpers, they looked amazing and no Christmassy day would be complete without a visit form Santa and an elf or two.


Secondly, the SPC Sales team won the ‘Best Department’ award, not only because every single one of them wore Christmassy attire, but because we really appreciated the coordination that went into many of the outfits. Nothing is quite as Christmassy as a beard full of glitter… right?


And once you’ve thrown Mr and Mrs Clause into the mix, it is pretty undeniable that they, as a team, created the ultimate Christmas look.

The main prize, the best Christmas Jumper in the  office was awarded to Zoe, with this stunning number: 


DSC_3268.jpg  Zoe didn’t only win because her jumper looks great, she got bonus points for customisation, with many of the ‘decorations’ being home-made. The clincher was the chocolate coins attatched to the back. Congratulations Zoe! 

The best of the rest:

Thank you to every one who took part today, here are some more of the Christmas jumpers!









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