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Yearbook Ideas: Questions you might not have thought of

A blank page can be scary to some. Where do you start when writing your yearbook comment, or quote? Leading questions are a great way to guide your fellow year group.
You’ve probably thought of the obvious ones, like ‘nickname’, ‘most memorable moment’, ‘favourite colour’, ‘what will you be doing in 10 years time?’, etc. so we’ve gathered a few more ideas to help you expand your student, teacher and primary yearbook profile questions. 

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Yearbook Ideas: Letters to your teachers

It’s no secret that teaching is a tough job. It’s also no secret that students don’t always appreciate the regular reminders to work harder, tuck in that shirt and do your best. However at the end of our school, college or university years we have time to reflect on our journey and start to appreciate those who have been along for the ride, the time when those things our teachers were bugging us about actually start to make sense!

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