Survival tips for College and University Part 2

We hope you found last week’s college and university survival tips useful, here are a few more to help you on your journey to further education, or time away from home.

Get regular exercise – Students often get discounts on gym memberships and classes, so take advantage! Regular exercise will help you relax and keep you healthy during student life. If you’re taking a gap year, exercise will be easy while you’re exploring the great outdoors.

Make friends – Sounds obvious, but you’ll be sharing a lot of time with your new classmates and possibly housemates (if you’re staying in halls of residence). Go say ‘hello’ and get to know them, share your experiences with those around you and make some great memories. If you’re travelling alone, get on some group tours, volunteer programs or treks – it’s a great way to meet new people.

Get a part-time job – beat the rush and start applying for part-time work before the end of term. The extra cash will come in handy, and the work experience will be invaluable.

Personalise your space – if you are moving away from home to study, remember to pack photos and things to personalise your new room and make it feel comfortable to sleep (and work) in.

Create plenty of back-ups of your coursework – save the work on your computer, also save it to the network (if you have access), onto a USB and even a cloud storage area, such as Google Docs or Dropbox. This should safeguard any files becoming corrupt when you need them most!

Make sure you’re covered – if you’re taking a laptop, tablet, phone, camera, bike, TV, game console, etc. to college, university, or abroad be sure to cover items with insurance incase they get damaged, lost, or stolen.

Beware of the dodgy kebab! It may be tempting to get your mouth round a kebab after a night out, but beware you might regret it afterwards.

Don’t give up – further education and moving away from home is daunting, you’re bound to get homesick (plan to visit family regularly). If it feels like it’s all getting too much, or you feel student life isn’t for you, speak to your Student Union or Student Counsellor.

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