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Why? Why? Why?

Why are we blogging? Thats a great question. And one this blog post may or may not answer.

First things first, we are aware that the title of this blog post might remind you of that 3 year old relative who has just learnt the meaning and application of the word ‘why’. If so, we can only apologise. That being said, for some of you it might bring forward mental images of Sir Tom Jones singing his heart out! Actually, we probably need to apologise for that too don’t we?

But anyway. Why are we blogging? I guess, because we want to? Because we have something to say. And actually, because we will enjoy it! This blog will take place every friday, and it will give us the chance to write about something fun, something random, and something that will take our minds off figures and spreadsheets for a little while. And you lucky individuals get to read it.

This blog will cover a multitude of topics. Too many to summarise in a mere paragraph. In a few weeks time we will begin our Uni blog posts, giving you advice about Uni, from people who, actually, didn’t graduate all that long ago (some of us less than a year!)

Other than our Uni blogs, you will notice a bit of a Yearbook theme to our blogging. This is SPC Yearbooks afterall, and we should really use this platform to offer help and advice about yearbooks!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the great blog posts that will be heading your way over the next few weeks.



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