[SPC News] Introducing Yearbook Hub!

We’re really excited to finally be able to tell you about our brand new online yearbook builder – Yearbook Hub! Feedback from students, teachers and parents tells us that you guys love working collaboratively with the convenience jumping online to do so.

So what’s Yearbook Hub all about?

Well, here’s where we can show off the fancy (but easy to use) features of the new system:

  • Schools can manage all of their users’ access and have full control over who can do what, and where.
  • Sections of your yearbook can be split out and delegated to each member of your yearbook team. ‘Yay!’ I hear you cry, I know, this makes life a million times easier for collaboration, as no-one else can edit your section until you’ve finished.
  • Student profile pages take minutes to create, not hours. If you’re creating a grid of students profiles, the portrait wizard will be your time-saviour. Upload your portraits, choose how many students per page, hit ‘apply’ and voila. Imagine what you’ll do with all of that extra time!
  • A Yearbook Advisor ( a teacher, or parent) can keep track of how the yearbook is progressing. PDF proof files can be exported at any point (also very handy when it comes to proofreading).

What’s changed?

For those of you who used our software, or online designer in previous years there are a few changes (for the better, of course).

The website address of Yearbook Hub is: hub.spc-yearbooks.co.uk

You can now find your way around the site via a handy dashboard. There are 4 areas to access during your project; one section to manage your yearbook team, another section to create your design, an area to upload your photos and a final section to review your yearbook – that’s quick and easy organisation even for the inexperienced computer user!

What about the backgrounds and clipart?

Every piece of yearbook artwork our customers enjoy working with is in Yearbook Hub, and even more artwork has been added for 2017. Fill your boots!


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