Quick Guide to Yearbook Structure and Page Order

You’ve been so busy getting your yearbook project signed off that you’ve kinda forgotten about the yearbook pages themselves. The next step is to get planning your page structure and we’re here to help you with that very task right here, right now!

What do you want to include?

Start by going through what types of pages and content you want to include in your yearbook, as this will help inform what you need to collect. I’ve suggested some popular pages below (don’t feel like to have to include all of them) and put them in order of how we usually see schools structure their yearbook, but you can choose what works for you.

Primary and Secondary School Yearbooks:

Primary-specific yearbook pages

Year 11 / Year 13-specific yearbook pages

Create a yearbook ladder page plan

Once you’ve picked which yearbook pages you want to include it’s time to plan the running order. Download our handy yearbook ladder flat plan below. Write a title and brief description for each page, colour code the sections (ready for setting up your sections in Yearbook Hub) and doodle a quick layout (optional).

Yearbook Ladder Flat Plan


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