Online Example Yearbook – take a look!

Visual inspiration is everywhere, with an increasing amount of yearbook design and page ideas on Google, Pinterest, Instagram and other sites. Here’s your opportunity to look through a professionally designed yearbook to give you lots of ideas on:

  • Yearbook structure -which page could follow the last?
  • Yearbook theme – how to make your whole yearbook follow a design theme and look 100% consistent.
  • Yearbook page ideas – above and beyond your usual profile pages. Here you can see trips, awards, ‘guess who’, ‘remember when’ pages and photo montages in action!

Without further ado here is our online example yearbook to flip through, enjoy and gather oodles of inspiration for your own yearbook…

If you can’t see the yearbook flipbook above, click here to open it.

Ready to start your own yearbook? Request a free sample pack here.


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