Most popular yearbook posts of 2013 so far…

Even if you haven’t started your yearbook yet, it’s not too late to do so – read last week’s post ‘There’s still time to make a school yearbook’.

To give you an extra helping hand with your yearbook we’ve pulled together a round-up of the most popular blog posts so far.

Have you read these? …

Looking for fun yearbook page ideas?

If you’re looking for fun page ideas to ‘spice up’ your yearbook then you’re at the right place! As well as awards pages and photo pages, you could put together other fun leavers’ book pages to break up your profile pages such as:

1. Guess who? – Ask everyone to provide a baby photo of themselves… Read more

Yearbook awards ideas – Most likely to…

Is your yearbook team struggling to think of yearbook awards page ideas? Take a look at our previous post ‘Showcase your talent with an awards page…’ for lots of yearbook awards ideas, and see below for yet more ‘Most likely to…’ award ideas Read more

Teacher and Headteacher page ideas for your yearbook

Teacher pages are a great introduction to student pages in your yearbook. Many schools begin their book with a message from the Headteacher/Principle followed by messages from a select number of teachers. Tutor pages often precede their tutor group’s/class’s student profile pages offering an ideal structure to the yearbook. But why include teacher pages at all? Read more

Top yearbook title suggestions…

Just like your favourite novels, yearbooks need a title too! Titles are a great way of introducing your yearbook and really putting that personal stamp on it. Be extra clever and think of a title that perfectly sums up your time in school or your year. Or you can choose a more traditional title for your front cover and/or title page of your leavers’ book. Read more

Yearbook theme ideas – comic book style

Our comic book style is a great theme for the illustrators among you, or anyone looking for a retro, nostalgic feel. Are you stuck for design ideas or need help with your comic book design? Then this post is just for you!

The prominent design features of a comic book style theme are:

1. Halftone effect images which are made up of small dots… Read more


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