‘Loserville’ by Hinchingbrooke School

I was lucky enough to be thoroughly entertained by Hinchingbrooke School’s latest production last week, and I simply have to share the experience with you. If you’re putting on a live show make sure you take lots of photos and do a short write-up to use in your yearbook!

Imagine Grease meets The Big Bang Theory and you have something close to the musical ‘Loserville’ – the story of the beginning of electronic communication. As a bit of a musicals novice, this was the best introduction to the genre I could have ever expected. At school I remember playing lead role as Babushka, but that is where my stage career ended.

The cast of thrity plus students across all year groups burst on with a lively and uplifting performance “we’re really living in the future now!”. It’s quickly evident how much time and effort went into preparation – the set is a mix of nerdy computer lab, with a good mix of pop art, and of course Arch – Eddie’s father’s company headquarters. Behind the set hides a further group of singers and a small live band emitting an impressive sound around the drama hall.

We’re introduced to the computer nerd group, tinkering with science fair entries and verging on breakthrough computer programming. Then the ‘jocks’ (Eddie and his crew), the cheerleaders and finally the new girl Holly who aspires to become an astronaut. Each and every leading role from start to finish oozed confidence, every line in a loose American twang was clear and concise.

The audience of friends and family were regularly amused by Star Wars references, such as ‘C-3DO’ noted down by Lucas (an aspiring writer), but a highlight for me was the Planetarium scene where Holly and Michael go on their first date – the atmostpheric lighting, props and choregraphy create a real sense of being there with them, somewhere fascinating at a real tender moment.

A really refreshing tale of friendship, manipulation, love and truth ‘Loserville’ is a highly entertaining musical which was done justice by the Hinchingbrooke School team on every level. I really believe many of the cast will go far in careers in the Arts if that’s their chosen path, and can’t wait to book next years tickets!


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