Let’s Do The Time Warp – Some Of Our Old Faves

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Sometimes inspiration can strike in the most useful of ways; when you have loads of time to work on an idea and put something together. This convergence of creativity and free time is much celebrated, but the reality is that it very rarely happens. More likely is the realisation that you have less than a week to finalise a theme for your yearbook before the whole thing needs signing off. And you forgot to tell Mary that she needs to give you a different quote. And your form tutor doesn’t even know that he needs to write a goodbye letter. You get the idea; it’s all too easy to let time run away from you when you have a lot on your plate.

We know that over the past few years we’ve created a number of creative resources to help you build the perfect yearbook, and we’re very proud of the ideas library we’ve compiled. If you’re short on time, however, it might not be the most time-effective to go rifling through our archives. So, while half term is in full swing and you’re probably out enjoying the, erm, February sunshine or snapchatting your shopping trip, we’ve gone through some of our old resources and put together a rewind post that we hope serves as a useful starting point if you’re lacking in time while waiting for inspiration to strike.

Yearbook Cover Ideas
Cover of selfies
Alternatives to the traditional yearbook title

Pages, Themes, and Content
Gettin’ quizzy with it!
How to: Duotone 
The best yearbook quotes on earth
Yearbook colouring 
Using a cult TV show as inspiration
Last Page ideas
Yearbook awards ideas

Producing and Marketing Your Yearbook
Using posters to market your upcoming yearbook 
The ultimate guide to yearbook marketing 
Planning a successful yearbook

Digging through our archives has definitely given our team some ideas for future posts; but we’d love to hear from you guys – what kind of content do you find yourself coming back to most often? This is your blog after all, it’s written for you.

We also love to see your yearbook ideas and designs, and we love to use Twitter. Combine the two things and tweet us your creative efforts (Claire – it makes my day, honestly.)

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